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Tanya Chua / 蔡健雅

Artiste, Singer, Song Writer, Lyricist, Producer

Music Instruments Played:
Guitar, Electric Guitar,
Drum, Harmonica, Piano, Benjo, Sitar, Tabla

D.O.B: 28 January
Zodiac: Tiger

Horoscope: Aquarius
Blood Group: B+
Nationality: Singapore
Sibling:Youngest, 1 Elder Sister
Education: Singapore Polytechnic (Business Administration ),
Music Institute (Electric Guitar)
Language Spoken: English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia
Interests: Ashtanga Yogo, Cooking, Reading

Genre of Music: English Folk Rock and Mandarin Pop
Years in Music: 1997 till Present
Written Song for: A Mei, Stephanie Sun, Fish Leong, Faye Wong, SHE, etc.
Produced for: Gigi Leung

Endorsement: Bobbi Brown (2006)

Representative / Spokeswoman:
浮萍兒 (2006), Korea Asia Music Festive 2006, Singapore Japan Music Arts and Culture Exchange 2005, J-Asia Pop Exchange 2003, Singapore Philippines Music and Culture Exchange 2003, Singapore Speak Mandarin Campaign 2003, Wildlife Protection (2002), Children with Aids Charity Foundation 2002, 藍絲帶 山區貧困兒童 Taiwan (2001)

Artiste Tanya Chua is worldwide Exclusively Managed by
Tangy Music Entertainment LLP

One Comment
  1. eIlEeN gOh permalink

    Hello Tanya – The years have passed and its great to see you are doing so well and great achievements…I have been telling my new frens that we used to be classmates in poly (in case you have forgotten the bunch of newbies in Yr 1 in SP)…Anyway, all the best to you and hope you continue your music aspirations and follow yr dreams! ~ eIlEeN

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