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About Tanya

 I’m Tanya Chua. T for short.

 Not much of a tea rocks, illy especially.

So yes, I’m a singer songwriter. Straddling between
being a Chinese pop singer and an English folk rock singer…it’s weird I know..but my life has always been that way.

Not very good at self-introductions. I think and speak too randomly, sometimes totally missing the point that I initially wanna make as such is the case now.

I love music as much as I love broccoli and Ashtanga yoga. I love my Martin too and oranges, though too many oranges make my skin a tad too yellow for my liking..but what the heck…

I’m Chinese lol I was born and bred in Singapore and started writing songs when I decided to pick up the guitar to prove to a musician who once yelled at me for not knowing anything about music. But thank goodness for that as I was pretty clueless during my formative years. I thought I would end up as a road sweeper wearing those luminous orange vests…I love orange by the way. So yadada…here i am today. Having spoken English all my life, by a stroke of luck, I became a Chinese pop singer..singing mandarin ballads mostly. I still think and speak in English but wanting to feel more authentic to the language that I’m singing in, I moved to Taipei about a year ago. Still struggling to make sense of all those chinese characters everywhere, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. So yeah.

May the universe be filled with peace and joy. OM shanti

Love T




Artiste Tanya Chua is Worldwide Exclusively Managed by
Tangy Music Entertainment LLP

One Comment
  1. Lydia Patton permalink

    Hello Tanya,

    I’m a college student in Jackson, Mississippi. I have fallen in love with your music. We don’t have too many artists here in the states that sing with passion like you do. Although I’m not fluent in the Mandarin language, it may sound crazy, but I’m able to understand through your music…It’s so beautiful, it fact, it has helped me deal with a roommate that hasn’t been making my life any easier…lol

    Luv ya,

    Your friend,


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