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[Message] It’s Been Awhile  

by on November 27, 2007

Hey folks,

Sorry haven’t been writing much these days. Just dropping by to say I’m alive and well. The new album is out and what a ride it has been since! Thank you sooooo much for all the support and the kind words. You have no idea how much they mean to me.

Traveling has been crazy. From the first base Taipei, I’ve moved on to China… Yes. The land of the billion and we’ve been from one city to another .. Shanghai, Chengdu (oh by the way! I finally saw a real panda!!!!! Well..a few actually ), Beijing (where I currently am writing this blog from…) and we’re off to Nanjing tomorrow as our last stop for the first league of promo in China. I must have repeated myself a million times.. Spoke till my voice turned hoarse, sang my heart out and ate ALOT of chinese food… Some with MSG and some without. I am very China-fied right now… Yet still writing in English as usual lol.

All is good. I do whine about why I have to talk and talk all the time, much to the annoyance and lack of empathy from my colleagues.. Why can’t I just sing and sing to make up for the lack of talking… I guess that’s show biz!

Other than that… Nothing else to update cept for my frequent wondering where my next destination of hideaway will be once the promo is over…. Maybe Timbuktu…hmmm

Until next time, Peace, Love for Pandas and Milo, and keep spreading the word for Goodbye and Hello!


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